There are several possible solutionsto the problem of pollution, it is not enough just to change fuel. To really bring about change, we need to change our approach to cars and rethink our role in life and affect our planet, and this can be a more abiding change than any other. 
Most importantly, there is no one magic solution. Each small szmienić tep is integrated with a larger whole; each one is a part of the other, and no one single step can move ahead significantly without help from the others. 

We are constantly striving to develop the company, acting for the social, environmental and economic consequences of our activities, which was demonstrated by winning the EcoVadis silver medal in 2018 for the activities in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). 


In 2018 effective cooperation with SCANIA began under the "Ecolution by SCANIA" program, whose main goal is to increase the efficiency of the transport task by reducing fuel consumption in the fleet.

The most important is also driver training, which in combination with monitoring the driver's driving style and controlling fuel cnsumption allows us to strive to achieve high transport efficiency, in accordance with the company's vision of being ECO. 


ROLA-TRANS commitment to sustainability, safety, health and the environment has been, and continues to be, a fundamental element of our operating practices and success to date.

Today’s leading companies, large and small, are looking for ways to go green. They understand that if we want our planet to remain habitable for generations to come, we must work together now to identify and reduce emissions, make our businesses more sustainable and ultimately move toward a Circular Economy. 
Logistics plays a central role in the global economy and therefore the industry can play a crucial part in the way business is done with regard to the environmental impact. That’s also one reason why we’ve made it our mission to achieve zero emissions by 2050

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