Our fleet consists of over 110 vehicles that meet the highest ecological and safety standards:
  • EN 12642 CODE XL Certificate
  • Tires transport certificate
  • VDI 2700 BL. 12 Certificate
  • DCE Certificate
We systematically renew our fleet to offer the best, reliable models of SCANIA and DAF which is appreciated by both drivers and our customers. All our vehicles meet the Euro and Euro 6 environmental standards. The Rola-Trans fleet is equipped with GSM communication system, along with a GPS positioning program that indicates the location of the vehicle every minute. To locate your order, please visit the Tracking tab.


There are several possible solutions to the pollution problem, it is not enough just to change the fuel. To really bring about the change, we need to change our approach to cars and rethink our role in life and the impact we have on our planet. That could be a harder change than any other - there is no one magic solution.

Every little change is integrated with the bigger whole. Each of them is a part of the other, and no single step can advance significantly without the help of the others.

Bearing this in mind, we constantly strive to develop our company, acting for the social, environmental and economic consequences of our activities, which was reflected in the 2018 Eco Vadis silver medal for activities in the fields of corporate social responsibility (CSR).


In 2018 effective cooperation with SCANIA began under the "Ecolution by SCANIA" program, whose main goal is to increase the efficiency of the transport task by reducing fuel consumption in the fleet.

The most important is also driver training, which in combination with monitoring the driver's driving style and controlling fuel cnsumption allows us to strive to achieve high transport efficiency, in accordance with the company's vision of being ECO.
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